ARTSAT KIT, a satellite kit is developed based on the satellite which has been launched on February 28, 2014 by H-IIA rocket from Japan.
Heritages in Space

You can use this kit in Space because this kit is based on actually lauched satellite which has been working for 6 months up in the space as it designed.
*You may need professional assistance on your launch.


This satellite kit has been developed by experienced engineers. Detailed spec documents provide you broader general knowledge about satellite.

Fully implemented Electronics parts

You don’t need to be bothered by the nightmare of soldering any more! The kit supports you to focus on the mechanism and software development.

Open codes

You can access source codes directly via Github. Configure your missions as you like and enjoy.

Suitable for “STEM” education

Your students can learn about all the basics of systems engineering through this satellite Kit coming with detailed spec sheets.

Being Space Debris?

No. We will give guidance to our customer not to launch higher orbit based on 25 years rule. Normally this size of satellite will de-orbit less than a year not being space debris.

Main Features

・Communication(FSK 437MHz @1200bps)
・Execution of user program on the orbit
・Capturing images(QQVGA)
・Reprogramming with virtual machine from the ground
・Voice or Song synthesis and transmission as a tone


What included in a kit

Circuit Boards(4pcs, Electric parts impremented)
Desktop testing board
USB cable for power supply
Testing Solar Cell(COTS)
Antenna parts
Li-Ion battery
Instruction Manual
Specification Documents
Software codes(via GitHub)
3D CAD data for the structure
*Launch cost is not inclusive.
*You need professional procedure upon launch such as, radio license acquisition, vibration tests, electric tests.

Kit Story

ARTSAT KIT, a satellite kit is developed based on the satellite which has been launched on February 28, 2014 by H-IIA rocket from Japan. It had been fully functional for 6 months up in the space until reentering to the earth atmosphere. The original satellite“ ARTSAT:INVADER” was developed as the worlds first“ ART” Satellite as its name suggests. Mission hardware named“ Morikawa” integrated with ARDUINO compatible CPU can be programmed by common C++ utilizing SDK. You can make your own Satellite!

Support Policies

We answer your general questions about hardware and software by email ・Launch opportunity arrangement, ground station, testing and frequency acquisition support for value. ・ Customize the kit at your own risk. *This kit not provides any guarantees the functionality in the space.

  • How Large?

    10cm x 10cm x 10cm

  • How light?


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  • How we achieved on crowdfunding in Japan


Our Team

Akihiro Kubota
Akihiro Kubota
Toshiba Tanaka
Toshiba Tanaka
Takahiro Inagawa
Takahiro Inagawa
1987年生まれ。東京工業大学大学院 機械物理工学専攻修了。2014年より、ロケット製造ベンチャー企業インターステラテクノロジズ株式会社の代表取締役を務める。
Naruo Kanemoto
Naruo Kanemoto
ARTSAT KITプロジェクト代表

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